hey it's msp and
i'm phelan fine.

B.S. Advertising - Texas Media & Analytics Program (May 2021)

Digital Arts and Media Certificate (Bridging Disciplines)

Business Administration Minor
Japanese Certificate

M.A. Advertising - Texas Immerisive (May 2023)

Madison Phelan. Pronounced fee·luhn, like how ya feelin?

I am feeling fine, thanks for asking! Busy too. My curiosity and passion to learn new things often fills the little free time I manage to obtain. I am a planner who doesn't use a planner, but rather a series of sticky notes pasted all over my desk.  Sticky notes help me build my own story.  

Building stories is what I love to do, whether it be for a brand, an experience, or through an animation.


I know how to handle a challenge. I am a creative strategist and eclectic thinker that is always ready to learn. Let's connect!

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