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who is Madison really?

Honestly, great question. I guess you could say she's a lover of nostalgic and old things. A person who knits, sews, crochets, watches Golden Girls with her mom, paints, draws, and reads books. 

But you could also say she's a lover of new things. Someone who plays in Virtual Reality, reads webcomics, watches her brother play every new video game he bought on the day he'd purchase it, finds new and accessible ways to interact with others, and chats with AI.

You could say she is old and new. She is a child of Baby Boomer parents, sibling to a millennial sister and brother, but of Gen Z age (she's a Zillennial if you may). She is honestly many things and wants to learn many things (you should see how many languages she's learning on Duolingo right now. . . P.S. it's four). But most importantly, she wants to be a part in creating transformative experiences for people.

surprise! it's more about me but on a personal level :-)

i want to create experiences that give you the same feeling after watching a Studio Ghibli flim


my brother and i play this game where he hums a song from a video game he's played and i have to guess.


i also love watching anime and reading WEBTOONS.

ponyo gif.gif

i am currently studying French, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean on Duolingo.


i am currently working on a 2000 piece puzzle


cilantro tastes like soap to me :(

ideally I'd have a game for you to play here to reward you for learning more about me but we (me, myself, and I) are currently learning how to integrate an HTML 5 game in here. if you want to play it, send me an email here and I can let you know when it's up.

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