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Tinder Full Campaign

position: media director, presentation team

NSAC 2021: Tinder strives to capture 18-19 year olds' love.

As the Media Director for Tinder's year-long campaign, I oversaw the largest department of the student-run agency. I assigned tasks, hosted weekly meetings, and presented updates and findings to the agency. We completed the plansbook and presented our campaign to the judges in 2021. Our Tinder "Hot Takes" idea, where users are invited to share their hot takes on several prompts with 8 seconds to answer, fueled inspiration for the Tinder team to release their "Hot Takes" integration into their app--ultilizing the idea in the real-world. To view the full plansbook, email me and we can set up a time to screenshare some amazing work that the team and I are quite proud of.

Download PDF • 169.18MB

Hot Takes: inspired real activation

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