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Roses of the Rubble

position: creative director

Enter into Trixi’s Quarters, a speakeasy housing the fledgling rebellion against Nox Corp, a tech giant specializing in surveillance technology who have monopolized the glowing blue mineral-turned-invaluable-energy source: Valens.

The head and the heart of the rebellion—Damon and Trixi—invite YOU to join forces and help them assemble the core of their greatest weapon: an automaton named BEN-i infused with a virus to destroy Nox’s surveillance system once and for all.

220 attendees | 2 nights | 1 story

What it is:

Roses of the Rubble is a live immersive theater experience with puzzle mechanics and Web3 learning elements. For the capstone project, we were tasked with creating an experience that showcases our virtual fashion line we created in partnership with ZEPETO, the most popular metaverse in Asia. I was the Creative Director for the experience where I oversaw the Development, Interactive, Writing, Multimedia, and Lighting & Sound departments. Teammates of the production can be found here under Spring 2022. Throughout the experience, we highlighted virtual identity and expression, cryptocurrency, and digital privacy, through interactive puzzles and assignments. As users completed puzzles and found clues, we used Arduino’s and NFC stickers to identify and track usage and completion rates of the activities. 

What technology was used:

This production was sponsored by ZEPETO and featured a seamless integration of their metaverse platform. Many important characters in the story are virtual beings built inside of ZEPETO. All of the clothes worn by these virtual characters were designed by the class with Blender & Maya and are available for purchase on ZEPETO's website through our profile. Attendees were invited to build their own digital avatar with the clothes we designed for Roses of the Rubble's fashion line. We used Arduinos & NFC stickers for Valens collecting and submission, anagram puzzle for Thyme's bot battling betting, QR codes & gumball machine for our lore scavenger hunt, and I built a fully functional automaton, alongside Zane Giordano and Shane Reilly (who also was our Glenn), with LED lights.

Yugo BAFTA Shortlist

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