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Mixby Fellowship
- Texas Immersive

position: strategy & UX design fellow

Hired as student consultants, five fellows strive to create and identify the audience most suited for Mixby.

As a Strategy & UX Design Fellow, we gathered insight for Mixby by working with the students of the Experimental Storytelling class and collaborating with The Odigo Group Consultancy. I worked with the other fellows to plan and execute a Mixby booth at UTOPiA Festival in October 2021. I coordinated ordering over 700 branded totebags, stickers, glowsticks, postcards, and frisbees within two days with all items delivered within a week while navigating supply-chain issues. We invited users to download and use the app by hosting a giveaway for tickets to UTOPiA Festival 2022 and handing out free swag. Through this experience we identified a unique audience to focus on, and from there I worked with the team in Figma to build user flows and a user interface that enhances the app for the appropriate audience.

Fellow Fellows:

Wei-Ting Huang

Wendy Chuang

Anna Shulpina

Greg Gonzalez

Figma, strategy

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