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In order to "roll the die"...
click here so you can move to different spaces within the game. The die should have numbers between -3 and 3.

It’s intense hide-and-go seek time! It was all Mabel’s idea of course, but now Dipper and the others can’t find her! Mabel is the best hide-and-go-seeker back at home, so it only makes sense.


The group needs your help to find her. Yet, Mabel being Mabel did not make it easy for you. Navigate across the board in order to find Mabel in a surprising way.



1) In order to hide, each player has to pick a spot on the board as their hiding spot. Shhh, don't tell anyone!

2) Roll the die to decide who is “it”. The player with the highest number is “it” first. The player that is “it” can only guess one player’s hiding spot on their turn when they have landed on that specific spot. If the “it” person guesses the correct player hiding in that spot, that player is found. If the person who’s “it” guesses the player wrong, that player can change their hiding spot to a new spot.

3) Once each player has been found, the “it” player has to navigate to the last spot before everyone can find Mabel. Click on Mabel’s scrapbook in order to try to find her in the Mystery Shack!

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