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D.I.V.E. Club

position: founder & president

Discovery, Immersion, Visualization, and Experiences Club

The Texas Immersive Institute offers coursework, fellowships, events, and research opportunities. As the founder of D.I.V.E. (Discovery, Immersion, Visualization, and Experiences Club), I noticed the accessibility to the information and playing of immersive technology was lacking to the general student population. Through D.I.V.E. the officers and I cover topics such as Virtual Realty, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and experience design and invite members to build experiences. Some experiences we have covered, “Dining in the Dark,” where we set up a dinner experience and fed people food completely in the dark, and we have hosted discussions and workshops on AI Art, virtual fashion, UI & UX design, board game building, outreach experience ideation and planning, and funding experience ideation.


President: Madison Phelan

Vice President: Zane Giordano

Creative Director: Maria Owens

Experience Director: Ciarra Nean-Marzella

Outreach Director: Catarina Arcuri

See what we have going on at our D.I.V.E. meetings here!

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